HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Using variables and parameters in job definitions

A variable is a scheduling object that is part of a variable table and is defined in the HCL Workload Automation database. It can be used by all the agents in the domain as long as the users have proper authorization in the security file.

A parameter is defined and used locally on an agent (with the parms utility command).

Variables and parameters have the following uses and limitations in job definitions:
  • Variables and parameters are allowed in the values for the streamlogon, scriptname, docommand, and abendprompt keywords.
  • A variable or parameter can be used as an entire string or as part of it.
  • Multiple variables and parameters are permitted in a single field.
  • Enclose variable names in carets (^), and enclose the entire string in quotation marks. Ensure that caret characters are not preceded by a backslash in the string. If necessary, include the backslash in the definition of the variable or parameter.
  • Enclose parameter names in single quotes (') in UNIX, and enclose the entire string in quotation marks.
  • Refer to Variable and parameter definition for additional information and examples.
In the following example a variable named mis is used in the streamlogon value:
     scriptname "/usr/mis/scripts/bkup"
     streamlogon "^mis^"
     recovery continue after recjob1 
For additional examples, see Variable and parameter definition.

For information about passing variables between jobs in the same job stream, see Passing variables between jobs.