HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Jobman messages for extended agents only

For extended agents, error, warning, and information messages are written to jobmans stdlist file.

A successful job launch generates the following message:

AWSBDW019I Launched job job_name, #Jrun_number for user user_ID.

Failure to launch a job generates the following message:

AWSBDW057E The job  job_name was not launched for this reason: 

Failure of a check file task generates the following message:

AWSBDW062E Jobman was unable to invoke the following method file method_name 
           for the extended agent. The operating system error is: 

Failure of a manage job task generates the following message:

AWSBDW066E Planman has asked jobman to run a task that is not supported on the 
           targeted agent. The following method options file was used: 
           method_options_file. The job identifier and monitor PID are as 
           follows: job, #Jmonitor_pid

When a method sends a message to jobman that is not recognized, the following message is generated:

AWSBDW064E A job that jobman is monitoring has returned the following 
           unrecognizable message: incorrect_message. The job identifier, 
           monitor PID and method file are as follows: job_name, #Jmonitor_pid 
           using method file.