HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Monitoring the replication of plan data in the database

The following syntax is used to monitor the progress and outcome of replicating plan data in the database with the data in the Symphony file:

planman [connection_parameters] checksync

Defines the settings to use when establishing the connection using HTTP or HTTPS through WebSphere Application Server to the master domain manager. For more information refer to Planman command line.
Messages are written to standard output with the progress and status of the command. The planman checksync command is also defined in the job, CHECKSYNC, contained in the FINALPOSTREPORTS job stream contained in the Sfinal file. If the CHECKSYNC job should fail, then refer to the job log of the CHECKSYNC job, as well as the WebSphere Application Server log to determine the problem. After resolving the problem, run the planman resync command to reload the plan data from the Symphony file into the database.

For information about how to optimize the process of plan replication in the database see Tuning plan replication.