HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


This command prints Report 11-Planned Production Schedule.


rep11 -V|-U

     [-m mm[yy]  […]]
     [-c wkstat […]]
     [-s jstream_name]
     [-o output]

Run the command from the TWS_home directory.


Displays the command usage information and exits.
Displays the command version and exits.
-m mm[yy]
Specifies the months to be reported. Enter the month number as mm. The default is the current month.

You can also enter a year as yy. The default is the current year or next year if you specify a month earlier than the current month.

-c wkstat
Specifies the workstations to be reported. The default is all workstations.
-s jstream_name
Specifies the name of the job stream in which the jobs run. The default is all job streams.
-o output
Specifies the output file. The default is the file defined by the MAESTROLP variable. If MAESTROLP is not set, the default is stdout.


Report on June, July, and August of 2004 for workstations main, site1 and sagent1:
rep11 -m 0604 0704 0804 -c main site1 sagent1
Report on June, July, and August of this year for all workstations, and direct output to the file r11out:
rep11 -m 06 07 08 -o r11out
Report on this month and year for workstation site2:
rep11 -c site2