HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

rep1 - rep4b

These commands print the following reports:
Report 01
Job Details Listing
Report 02
Prompt Listing
Report 03
Calendar Listing
Report 04A
Parameters Listing
Report 04B
Resource Listing


rep[x] [-V|-U]

Run the command from the TWS_home directory.

For rep3, run the command from a directory to which you have write access.

When printing reports for job types with advanced options, the JCL file field returns the application name.


A number corresponding to the report. The numbers are: 1, 2, 3, 4a, or 4b.
Displays the command usage information and exits.
Displays the command version and exits.


The Job Details Listing (report 01) cannot include jobs that were submitted using an alias name.

The elapsed time displayed for a shadow job is the elapsed time of the remote job to which it is bound.


Print Report 03, User Calendar Listing:
Display usage information for the rep2 command:
rep2 -U 
In UNIX, print two copies of report 04A, User Parameters Listing, on printer lp2:
MAESTROLP="| lp -dlp2 -n2"

This is a sample report for job WAGES2_1:

Job: WAGES2_1      #FTP                                 Description:
JCL File         : filetransfer
Logon            :                                      Creator: tws86                              
Recovery Job     :
Recovery Type    : STOP
Recovery Prompt  :
Composer Autodoc : Yes
Total Runs       :     0 -     0     Successful,       0 Aborted

                  Elapsed(mins)         CPU(secs)
Total             0                     0
Normal            0      
Last Run          0                     0 (On        0 at     0)
Maximum           0                     0 (On        0)
Minimum           0                     0 (On        0)>