HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Report 02 - Prompt Listing:

TWS for UNIX (AIX)/REPORT2 8.3 (1.7)          hcl                          Page    1
Report 02                              Prompt Message Listing               03/06/06

Prompt      Message

PROMPT1     Reply YES when ready to run acc103 and acc104.
PROMPT2     Have all users logged out?
CALLNO      555-0911
CALLOPER    Call ^PERSON2CALL^ at ^CALLNO^ to ensure all time cards have been processed.
PERSON2CALL Lou Armstrong

Total number of prompts on file:      5

                          * * * *   E n d  o f  R e p o r t  * * * *

The Report 02 output lists the name and the text of the prompts defined in the environment.