HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Report 04B - Resource Listing:

TWS for UNIX (AIX)/REPORT4B 8.3 (1.7)         hcl                          Page    1
Report 4B                              TWS Resources Listing                03/06/06

               Resource               Number
CPU              Name                  Avail          Description

FTAHP            #DATTAPES               1            DAT tape units

FTAWIN8+         #QUKTAPES               2            Quick tape units

MASTER8+         #TAPES                  2            Tape units

MASTER8+         #JOBSLOTS            1024            Job slots

Number of Resources on file:      4

                           * * * *   E n d  o f  R e p o r t  * * * *

The Report 04B output lists the name, the number of available resources defined in the environment and their description.