HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Report 10B - Actual Production Detail:

TWS for UNIX (AIX) REPORTER 8.3 (1.7)           hcl                             Page    1
Report 10B   Symphony            Actual Production Detail For 03/06/06           03/07/06

                         Estimated                         Actual    CPU    Job
                Job Name  Run Time Priority Start Time    Run Time Seconds Number  Status

Schedule NETAG #EXTERNAL              0                                             EXTRN
                E0000000              0                                             ERROR
                 Total      00:00                            00:00    0

Schedule MYMST #MONTHSKE    00:02    10     06:01(03/06/06)  00:03                   SUCC
                GETLOGS     00:02    10     06:01(03/06/06)  00:03         #J11612   SUCC
                 Total      00:02                            00:03    0

Schedule MYFTA #IWSKE                10                                              HOLD
                JOBIWD               10                                              HOLD
                 Total      00:00                            00:00    0

Schedule MYMST #TESTSKE     00:29    10     06:01(03/06/06)  00:02                  STUCK
                TESTCRO+    00:01    10     06:01(03/06/06)  00:02         #J11613  ABEND
                NEWTEST     00:29    10                                              HOLD
                 Total      00:30                            00:02    0

Schedule MYMST #FINAL       00:01    10     05:59(03/07/06)                          HOLD
                JnextPlan    00:01    10                                              HOLD
                 Total      00:01                            00:00    0

                 Total      01:38                            00:09    0

                                 * * * *   E n d  o f  R e p o r t  * * * *

The output of Report 10B shows states of the scheduling activities currently running across the HCL Workload Automation network. The information displayed is taken from copy of the Symphony file that is currently used and updated across the scheduling environment. This means that anytime this report command is run during the processing the information displayed reflects the actual status of the planned activity.

If you compare this output with the output of Report 9B you see that job stream MONTHSKE has run during the current production day, the 6th of March, but is not in plan to run the next day, the 7th of March. The job stream EXTERNAL instead failed on the network agent NETAG and so the IWSKE job stream that has a follows dependency from EXTERNAL job stream remains in the HOLD state.

The job stream TESTSKE, instead, is in state STUCK, that means that operator intervention is needed, because within the job stream run time, job TESTCROME, after having started with job ID J11613, failed in ABEND state causing the depending job NEWTEST to turn into HOLD state.