HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


This command prints the following reports:
Report 09A
Planned Production Summary
Report 09B
Planned Production Detail
Report 10A
Actual Production Summary
Report 10B
Actual Production Detail

Report 09A and Report 09B refer to future production processing while Report 10A and Report 10B show processing results and status of each single job of already processed production.


reptr [-V|-U]

reptr -pre
     [-{summary | detail}]

reptr -post
     [-{summary | detail}]

Run the command from a directory to which you have write access.


Displays the command usage information and exits.
Displays the command version and exits.
Specifies to print the preproduction reports (09A and 09B).
Specifies to print the post-production reports (10A and 10B).
Specifies to print the summary reports (09A and 10A). If -summary and -detail are omitted, both sets of reports are printed.
Specifies to print the detail reports (09B and 10B). If -summary and -detail are omitted, both sets of reports are printed.
Specifies the name of the plan file from which reports will be printed. The default is Symnew in the current directory. If the file is not in the current working directory, you must add the absolute path to the file name.
Specifies the full name of the log file from which the reports will be printed. Note that plan log files are stored in the schedlog directory. The default is the current plan (Symphony file).

If the command is run with no options, the two pre reports (09A and 09B) are printed and the information is extracted from the Symphony file.


Print the preproduction detail report from the Symnew file:
reptr -pre -detail
Print the preproduction summary report from the file mysym:
reptr -pre -summary mysym
Print the post-production summary report from the log file M199903170935:
reptr -post -summary schedlog/M199903170935
Print the preproduction reports reading from the Symphony file.

When the arguments are specified, the preproduction reports are based on information read from the Symnew file while the post-production reports are based on information read from the Symphony file.