HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Removing the preproduction plan

The following script is used to remove the preproduction plan, while maintaining the Symphony file:

Planman reset -scratch

When you run this command, the preproduction plan is scratched. The preproduction plan will be created again based on the modeling information stored in the database when you later generate a new production plan. This means that the new production plan will contain all job stream instances scheduled to run in the time frame covered by the plan regardless of whether or not they were already in COMPLETE state when the plan was scratched. The steps performed by the product when scratching the production plan are the following:
  1. The Symphony file is maintained.
  2. The job statistics are updated.
  3. The preproduction plan is scratched.
Note: If you use the -scratch option, make sure you run dbrunstats before the JnextPlan script. See the Administration Guide for details on dbrunstats.