HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Security for test(1) Commands

In UNIX, a special security feature prevents unauthorized use of other commands in the qualifier. For example, the file below contains a command in the qualifier:
/users/xpr/hp3000/send2(-n "ˋls /users/xpr/hp3000/m*ˋ" -o -r %p)
If the qualifier contains another command, the following checks are made:
  • The local option jm no root must be set to no.
  • In the security file, the user documenting the schedule or adding the Open Files dependency with a conman adddep command, must have submit access to a job with the following attributes:
    • name=cmdstest.fileeq
    • logon=root
    • jcl=the path of the opens files
    • cpu=the CPU on which the opens files reside
    Note that cmdstest and fileeq do not exist.