HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


Stops the dynamic workload broker application.


{stopbrokerapp}  [domain!]workstation


Specifies the name of the domain of the workstation. Because workstations have unique names, the domain is not needed when stopping the dynamic workload broker on a specific workstation. Wildcard characters are permitted.

If domain is omitted, and workstation contains wildcard characters, the default domain is the one in which conman is running.

Specifies the name of the workstation where you want to stop the dynamic workload broker. Wildcard characters are permitted. If no domain and workstations are specified, the action is on the local workstation.


Permission to stop actions on cpu objects is required in the security file to be enabled to run this command.

You can stop the dynamic workload broker also with wastool stopBrokerApplication.