HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Troubleshooting the ELAB_JOB_STAT_JS job stream

If the ELAB_JOB_STAT job abends at runtime and the following error is recorded in the job log:
Failed to connect to server 'Local Server'
proceed to fix as follows:
  1. Stop the agent where the job runs.
  2. Edit the JobManager.ini file located in the TWA_home/TWS/ITA/cpa/config directory of the agent.
    Add the following string to the SHLIB_PATH, LIBPATH, and LD_LIBRARY_PATH keywords located in the [ITA] section of the file:
    where SPSS_home is the absolute directory where the SPSS statistics subset is installed (for example, /opt/IBM/SPSS/ModelerSolutionPublisher/16).
  3. Restart the agent and submit the ELAB_JOB_STAT job or the ELAB_JOB_STAT_JS job stream again.