HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Typeface conventions

This publication uses the following typeface conventions:

  • Lowercase commands and mixed case commands that are otherwise difficult to distinguish from surrounding text
  • Interface controls (check boxes, push buttons, radio buttons, spin buttons, fields, folders, icons, list boxes, items inside list boxes, multicolumn lists, containers, menu choices, menu names, tabs, property sheets), labels (such as Tip:, and Operating system considerations:)
  • Keywords and parameters in text
  • Words defined in text
  • Emphasis of words (words as words)
  • New terms in text (except in a definition list)
  • Variables and values you must provide
  • Examples and code examples
  • File names, programming keywords, and other elements that are difficult to distinguish from surrounding text
  • Message text and prompts addressed to the user
  • Text that the user must type
  • Values for arguments or command options