HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Working with jobs defined in the EXTERNAL job stream

About this task

These are the available actions you can perform against jobs in an EXTERNAL job stream:
Cancels the EXTERNAL job, releasing the internetwork dependency for all local jobs and job streams. The status of the dependency is no longer checked.
Instructs conman to restart checking the state of the EXTERNAL job. The job state is set to EXTRN immediately after a rerun is performed.

Rerun is useful for EXTERNAL jobs in the ERROR state. For example, if an EXTERNAL job cannot be launched because the network access method does not grant execute permission, the job enters the ERROR state and its status ceases to be checked. After you correct the permissions, the method can start but conman will not start checking the EXTERNAL job state until you perform a rerun.

Confirm SUCC / ABEND
Sets the status of the EXTERNAL job to SUCC or ABEND, releasing the dependency for all depending local jobs and job streams. The status of the dependency in no longer checked.
Note: None of these commands has any effect on the remote job or job stream in the remote network. They simply manipulate the dependency for the local network.