HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


Extracts information about cross-references from the database.


xrxtrct [-V | -U]


Displays the command version and exits.
Displays command usage information and exits.


The MAESTRO_OUTPUT_STYLE variable specifies the output style for long object names. With value LONG, full length (long) fields are used for object names. If the variable is set to anything other than LONG, long names are truncated to eight characters and a plus sign. For example: A1234567+.

The command output is written to eight files, xdep_job, xdep_sched, xfile, xjob, xprompt, xresources, xsched, and xwhen. These files are written in the current working directory. You must have write and execution rights on this directory to run the command.


To extract information about all cross-references, run the following command: