HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Authorizing the load-module library

This section explains how to activate the load-module library for the agent for z/OS.

You must update the active authorized-program-facility member (IEAAPFnn, or PROGnn) to authorize the load-module library. Each record, except the last, ends with a comma. For the following example, assume that you have installed the agent for z/OS load modules in the data set TWS.SEELLMD0 and that this data set is on volume ABC123. To authorize this library, insert this record before the last entry in the IEAAPFnn:

or update the PROGnn member.

Note that libraries that are defined in the IEAAPFnn or PROGnn member are authorized only if they remain on the volume specified. If DFHSM is used in your system, change DFHSM parameters so that the new authorized library is not migrated by DFHSM.