HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Configuring exit EELUX002 (job-library-read)

Exit EELUX002 is invoked when a job by reference is selected for processing but the job definition does not include the name of the data set where the JCL is stored. By default, in this case the agent for z/OS searches the concatenation of data sets assigned to the EELJBLIB ddname in the agent's JCL procedure. But if you want the agent to search other data sets, use EELUX002 to perform this function.

Also consider using EELUX002 to enhance performance if you have many large partitioned data sets (PDS) concatenated to EELJBLIB. To find a member in the last data set of the concatenation, the agent must read the directory of all preceding PDSs, which can present a significant overhead. Consider defining a PDS and a corresponding ddname for each computer workstation.

The SEELSAMP member EELUX002 contains a sample job-library-read exit. This sample searches a ddname named MYJOBLIB before searching EELJBLIB.

Installing the exit

The load module implementing the job-library-read exit must be link-edited into an APF-authorized library in the LNKLST concatenation or defined by the STEPLIB DD statement in the agent for z/OS JCL procedure.