HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Customization parameters

The parameters necessary to customize the agent for z/OS are provided in the form of initialization statements. This section documents all the initialization statements required by the agent.

The initialization statements required to run your agent for z/OS started task are created with working default values when you run the Define initialization statements in the parameters library step of the EELINST installation aid. You have the option at that time to leave the default values, and change them later, or to change them directly before creating the related member in the parameters library. To change their values at a later time, you have to edit the PARMLIB data set of the agent, and restart the agent afterwards.

The agent requires the following initialization statements:
Defines runtime options for the event writer task.
Defines the exit policy for the agent.
Defines options to connect with the dynamic workload broker.
Defines generic runtime options for the agent.