HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Date-related variables

These variables are related to the current date and time; that is, the time and date on which the job was submitted.

Predefined date-related variables are listed in the following table:
Table 1. Predefined date-related variables
Variable name Length (in bytes) Description
CDAY 1 Current day of the week; 1 represents Monday, 7 represents Sunday.
CDD 2 Current day of month in DD format.
CDDD 3 Day number in the current year.
CDDMMYY 6 Current date in DDMMYY format.
CHH 2 Current time in HH format.
CHHMM 4 Current hour and minute in HHMM format.
CHHMMSS 6 Current hour, minute, and second in HHMMSS format.
CHHMMSSX 8 Current hour, minute, second, and hundredths of seconds in HHMMSSXX format.
CMM 2 Current month in MM format.
CMMYY 4 Current month within year in MMYY format.
CWW 2 Week number in the current year.
CWWD 3 Current day within week in WWD format, where WW is the week number within the year, and D is the day within the week.
CYMD 8 Current date in YYYYMMDD format.
CYY 2 Current year in YY format.
CYYDDD 5 Current Julian date in YYDDD format.
CYYMM 4 Current month within year in YYMM format.
CYYMMDD 6 Current date in YYMMDD format.
CYYYY 4 Current year in YYYY format, for example, 1997.
CYYYYMM 6 Current month within year in YYYYMM format.