HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Defining jobs

Like you do for all other HCL Workload Automation jobs, you can define jobs for an agent for z/OS from either the composer command line or from the Dynamic Workload Console.

Because all agent for z/OS jobs are submitted through dynamic workload broker, the task section of their job definitions is laid out in the JSDL XML language. If you define the job through the Dynamic Workload Console, the information you provide in the input panels is made into JSDL automatically.

The following characteristics qualify a job as an agent for z/OS job:
  • The executing workstation is a agent for z/OS.
  • In the JSDL definition in composer, the application keyword has name jcl. In the Dynamic Workload Console, the job definition type is z/OS.
  • The job definition in JSDL either includes the JCL that is to be run by JESn or points to its location (data set and member names) in the z/OS system. In the first case, the JCL is said to be submitted by definition, otherwise it is said to be submitted by reference.

While the JCLs specified by definition are part of the agent for z/OS jobs and as such are stored in the HCL Workload Automation database, the JCLs specified by reference are stored in data sets in the z/OS system hosting the agent and are retrieved at submission time using the coordinates provided in the corresponding jobs.