HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Implementing support for data set triggering

Use the Agent for z/OS data set triggering function to start dependent processing or schedule unplannable work and when a data set is closed after being opened for:
  • Read processing
  • Output processing
  • Either read or output processing.

The Agent for z/OS uses the SMF exit IEFU83 to generate a resource availability event when IEFU83 is called for SMF record types 14, 15, or 64. The data set activity SMF records are generated when a data set is closed or processed by EOV. The Agent for z/OS will generate resource availability events only when the data set is closed. When a VSAM data set is closed, two SMF 64 records are created, one each for the DATA and INDEX components. When resource availability events are requested for VSAM data sets, the event will be created when the DATA component is closed, the Agent for z/OS will not generate an event when the INDEX component is closed.

SMF data set activity records are written when the data set is closed, regardless of whether the JOB/STEP/USER completed successfully. For more information about the data sets that generate SMF record types 14, 15, or 64, see the documentation for MVS™ SMF.

To define the data sets for which you want events to be generated see Defining event rules

To implement support for the data set triggering function, perform these actions: