HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

JCL tailoring directives

The agent for z/OS uses special comment statements, called directives, to manage the inclusion and exclusion of lines and to control aspects of variable substitution.

The directives are:
The general syntax of the directives is:
  • Each directive must begin on a new 80-byte line.
  • All directives begin with //*%OPC in columns 1 to 7 followed by at least one space.
  • Directive parameters can be coded in any order.
  • Directive parameters can occur more than once in the same directive.
  • Directive parameters are separated by commas with no embedded blanks between parameters on the same line.
  • If more than one parameter value is specified, parentheses are required.
  • A directive specification cannot exceed 71 characters. It can be continued on a new line if the directive is split by a comma after a complete or partial parameter.
  • Positions 72 to 80 are ignored.
  • Each continuation line must begin with //*%OPC in columns 1 to 7 followed by a least one space.
  • After a directive is successfully executed, the //*%OPC string is changed to //*>OPC.

If a line begins with //*%OPC and none of the known directives is found, the job substitution routines of the agent treat any other directives that it finds as “unknown,” and will take no action.

Note: If you set VARSUB(SCAN) in the TWSOPTS statement, the SCAN directive must be present in the JCL in order to process all the subsequent directives.