HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Listing the agents for z/OS

In the Dynamic Workload Console and in composer, the agents for z/OS® are listed as workstations of type agent.

Follow the normal processes to list your agents:
  • In the Dynamic Workload Console, select Scheduling EnvironmentDesignList Workstations
  • In composer, run the composer list ws command
To determine which of your workstations is a agent for z/OS, or to filter your list, look at the operating system type which in their case is listed as:
  • z/OS in the Dynamic Workload Console
  • Z in composer
In composer, to see the OS type column in the output of the list command, remember to set:
before running the command.
For example, the list of workstations obtained by running:
composer list ws=@
on this domain, shows that workstations MAT229 and MAT229_1 are agents for z/OS.
WorkstationName   Type    Domain   OSType Ignored Updated By       Updated On  Locked By Locked On
---------------  ------  --------  ------ ------- ----------       ----------- --------- --------- 
RAL15062         manager MASTERDM    W             masterad         09/28/2010     -          -
RAL15062_1       agent      -        W            ResourceAdvisorA  10/04/2010     -          -
RAL15062_DWB     broker  MASTERDM    O             masterad         09/28/2010     -          -
MAT229           agent      -        Z            ResourceAdvisorA  10/01/2010     -          -
MAT229_1         agent      -        Z            ResourceAdvisorA  10/01/2010     -          -
AWSBIA291I Total objects: 5