HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Load the agent for z/OS® software

The first installation step is to download the agent for z/OS software from the repository at https://hclsoftware-fno.flexnetoperations.com/flexnet/operations/

Setting up the environment

To setup the new environment perform the following steps and follow the detailed instruction of the readme in the software package.
  1. Unzip the file and use the information in the readme file to proceed with the first steps of the installation.
  2. Customize the EELSETUP file with your libraries
  3. Launch EELSETUP


The following table describes the distribution and target libraries that are created
Table 1. Agent for z/OS libraries loaded by SMP/E
DD Name Description
SEELDATA Default SSL certificates
SEELMAC0 Assembler macros
SEELMISC License information
SEELOBJ (Object) Agent for z/OS object
SEELMSG0 Messages
SEELPNL0 Panels for the EELINST installation aid
SEELSAMP Sample exits, programs, and JCL

After you have loaded the agent for z/OS software, apply any recommended maintenance described in the PSP bucket.