HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Managing job instances

You manage jobs submitted to an agent for z/OS with the same commands available for all HCL Workload Automation jobs.

Use the conman command line or the Dynamic Workload Console to manage the job instances. Most of the job management commands and actions of HCL Workload Automation apply also to agent for z/OS job instances, but not all. The following sections list what you can and cannot do.

Commands and Actions you can run

All except for killing job instances.

Commands and Actions you cannot run

You cannot run the kill command on job instances.

This restrains the use of the maxdur job stream keyword on agent for z/OS jobs. That is, if in a job stream you specify the maxdur keyword with the onmaxdur kill argument, the job is not killed if it exceeds the time limit, in spite of the fact that the MaxDurationExceeded and KillSubmitted flags are reported by the conman showjobs command. In the area of event-driven workload automation, the MaxDurationExceeded event is generated; it can be used to trigger a number of actions, but not the KillJob action.