HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4


This section describes how to define a JCL procedure for the agent for z/OS address space.

You must define a JCL procedure or batch job for the agent for z/OS address space.

To help you do this, the EELINST installation aid generates the following members in the output library that you specified in the Create customized sample jobs dialog:
Sample started task procedure for the agent.
Sample started task parameters for the agent.

These members contain started task JCL that is tailored with the values you entered in the dialog. Tailor these members further, according to the data sets you require. Alternatively, you can copy a member from the SEELSAMP library to one of your own libraries, and tailor it manually.

If you create a new library for your agent for z/OS started-task procedures, remember to specify the library in the JES PROCLIB concatenation. Then you must restart JES to include the new library.

Required data sets

Include the following required datasets in your JCL procedure:
Table 1. Required data sets for the agent for z/OS
DD Name Defines
EELBRDS A JES internal-reader.
EELEVDS Event data set for the submit checkpointing function and for the event writer task.
EELHTDS Event data set for storing events originated by dynamic workload broker.
EELHTREF Service dataset used for processing JCLs by reference and variable substitution.
EELMLIB Message library.
EELMLOG Output message log.
EELPARM Parameter library.
EELJCLIB The library contains the list of the data sets to trigger in the event rules

Optional data sets

The following table shows the data sets that you can optionally include in your JCL procedures. Specify these data sets only if you want to use the function with which they are associated.
Table 2. Optional data sets for the agent for z/OS
DD Name Defines
EELDUMP Diagnostic dump output.
STDENV Contains environment variables. The STDENV DD name can point to a sequential DS or a PDS member (for example, a member of the PARMLIB) in which you can define environment variables to initialize Language Environment®. STDENV must have a F or FB format with a record length equal or greater than 80. In this data set/member you can put your environment variables specifying VARNAME=value. On each row you can specify only 1 variable, characters after column 71 are ignored. If you need more than 71 characters, you can add any character in column 72 and continue on the next row (the character in column 72 is ignored).
STEPLIB Load-module library.
SYSMDUMP Dump data set.