HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Computer and workstation names of the agent

The first time the agent for z/OS connects with HCL Workload Automation, it is automatically given a computer name.

The first time the agent for z/OS connects with the dynamic workload broker component of HCL Workload Automation, it is assigned a computer name which is used to identify the workstation in HCL Workload Automation.
The assigned computer name is:
subsystem name_system name
subsystem name
is the name of the z/OS® started task that starts the agent.
system name
is the name of the z/OS system

The subsystem and system names are joined with the underscore (_) character.

For example, TDA1_ZOS10B1 is the computer name of an agent that is started by the TDA1 started task in system ZOS10B1.

If either system or subsystem names contain any of the special characters represented by  X'5B',  X'7B', or  X'7C' ($, #, or @, respectively, in the US EBCDIC 037 codepage, but possibly displayed as other special characters in other EBCDIC codepages), the special characters are replaced with underscores (_) when the computer name is composed. For example, if the subsystem name is ZAG5 and the z/OS system name is ZSY$1 (in the IBM® 037 codepage), the computer name assigned to this particular agent in HCL Workload Automation is ZAG5_ZSY_1.

The name is stored in the databases of HCL Workload Automation and of dynamic workload broker. It is used to identify an agent for z/OS in the following interfaces:
  • As the workstation name in the composer and conman command lines and in the Dynamic Workload Console windows
  • As the computer name in the command line and graphical user interfaces of dynamic workload broker

This name is the visible part of a longer identification label assigned to the agent upon installation. An internal Id is kept to track the agent in the z/OS system and in HCL Workload Automation.

You can change the workstation name using the composer rename command or Dynamic Workload Console and use the new name to address the agent throughout the HCL Workload Automation interfaces. This does not apply to the dynamic workload broker interfaces where the computer name is used instead.