HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Checking physical resources on computers

You can browse and display the physical resources discovered by the agent scan on the computers in your environment.

Before you begin

The automatically scheduled scan that runs on computers when the HCL Workload Automation agent is installed returns hardware and operating system information from the agent computers to the Resource Repository. You can use the Dynamic Workload Console to view the information collected by the agent, in addition to the other information about the computers. The following information can be accessed:
  • Operating system information
  • Computer availability
  • Processor information
  • Machine information
  • Free memory, free virtual memory, and free swap space
  • System resources allocated to jobs
  • A history of job instances that ran on the computers and are currently running

About this task

To view information about the physical resources available on the computers in your environment, do the following:


  1. In the Dynamic Workload Broker navigation tree, expand System Configuration and click Set Broker Server Connections
  2. Define viable connections, test, and save them .
  3. Expand System Status and Health and click Monitor Computers on Broker.
  4. Specify the search criteria for the computers you want to find.
  5. Click Search. The computers that meet the search criteria are displayed in the Monitor Computers on Broker page.
  6. To view the physical resources for a computer, select the display name link for the computer. The Computer details page displays the physical resources on the computer.

What to do next

Figure 1 shows the Monitor Computers on Broker page. From this view you can perform the following tasks:
  • Set computers offline so that they cannot be allocated to run jobs.
  • Set offline computers back online so that they can be allocated to run jobs.
  • Delete computers so that they are no longer visible when you search for computers. When you delete a computer, it is temporarily removed from the database for a period of time defined in the ResourceAdvisorAgentConfig.properties file. After the deletion, the HCL Workload Automation agent remains installed and running. Any jobs currently allocated and running on the computer complete. To permanently delete a computer, you must uninstall the HCL Workload Automation agent.
  • Refresh the view of the computer search results to see updated information about computers.
  • View the number of jobs currently allocated on a given computer in the Active Jobs column. For each computer this column shows the number of jobs that have selected the computer as a target system, as well as the number of jobs that are currently allocating the computer as a related resource. In the specific case you defined a computer system as a type for a related resource required to run a job (in the JSDL definition of the job), when the job is allocated it is displayed twice in Active Jobs as follows:
    • If the same computer is selected both as a target system and as a related resource, the column shows 2 jobs for that computer, even though there is only one job running.
    • If different computers are selected for the target system and the related resource, the column shows the same job twice (once for each computer).
  • View additional information about a computer.
To perform these tasks, do the following:
  1. Select a computer in the Monitor Computers on Broker table.
  2. Select one of the following operations from the Actions menu:
    • Set as online
    • Set as offline
    • Delete
    • Refresh
  3. Click Go to perform the operation.
You can display details on computers by clicking the computer name link in the Monitor Computers on Broker table.
Figure 1. Computer Search Results page
The Computer Search Results page.
In general, you can click links for job names, job instance names, and computers from the Dynamic Workload Console to display more details about them.