HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Submitting jobs with variables

When you submit a job, you can define or change a variable to be used by the job.

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During job submission, you can define variables that are to be used by the job itself or to assign the job to a resource. You can add new variables or override the default values for variables that are included in the job definition. For more information about including variables in the job definitions see Using variables in job definitions.

Submitting a job with variables from the command line

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The jobsubmit command submits jobs from the command line interface. You can include arguments to change the value of predefined variables and add new ones. For example, the job definition for Job1 includes the variable memory with the value 512 which is used to set the free physical memory requirement. To increase the requirement to 1024 when submitting the job, issue the following command:
jobsubmit -jdname Job1 -var memory=1024