HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Customize video URLs

This section shows how you should customize your URLs that link video content in the Dynamic Workload Console so that you can link to a company intranet server to view help videos rather than a public video site.

The _baseURL prefix will be added to all your video URLs . If you do not specify a link for your video the default setting will automatically be used.
<codeblock><?xml version"1.0"?>
<property name="_baseURL" value=""></property>
<property name="depLoop" value=""></property>
<property name="highlightRelDep" value=""></property>
<property name="viewDepPrompt" value=""></property>
<property name="usingImpactView" value=""></property>
<property name="createUseTasks" value=""></property>
<property name="weAddRemoveFile" value=""></property>
<property name="weCreateDeps" value=""></property>
<property name="weAddJob" value=""></property>
<property name="weHighlightDeps" value=""></property>
<property name="weCreateJCL" value=""></property>
<!-- </settings>