Customizing your tasks

Before you begin

To customize a task, you must be the task owner.

About this task

Configured tasks are provided with default values. However, you can customize their properties and save the newly-modified tasks. You can modify the properties, such as filters and columns, of all the tasks that you own. Starting from a task, you can also customize the properties of secondary queries that are launched starting from the objects resulting from the task.

If you have administrator's rights, you can configure a global setting so as to limit the number of results retrieved by monitor tasks. You can specify the maximum number of items that must be retrieved by the queries, and this configuration will apply to all monitor tasks run by current Dynamic Workload Console, except for Monitor Critical jobs. For more information, see Limit the number of objects retrieved by queries.

To customize your tasks, perform the following steps:


  1. Click System Status and Health > All Configured Tasks.
  2. In the All Configured Tasks panel, select a task and click Task Properties. The task opens displaying some tabs on the left.
  3. Click the tabs that refer to the properties you want to customize.
  4. Modify the values as required and click Save to save the modified task.


You have personalized your task. Consider that any customization only applies to the single task you edited. For example, if you change the columns to be displayed in a task named All Jobs in plan, this change does not affect any other task to monitor jobs.

What to do next

Customizing secondary queries

While editing or creating a task, you can also choose the columns to display in secondary queries. Secondary queries are those that are run from the table of results of a task. For example, from the list of jobs resulting from a task named My Jobs, you can run a secondary query to list all job streams and workstations associated to one of the listed jobs.

You can also customize these secondary queries from the Columns Definition panel of any task. In the Columns Definition panel of My Jobs task, you can also choose the columns to display in job stream and workstation tasks. However, this column selection only applies to the lists of job streams and workstations obtained by drilling down from the results of the My Jobs task; it does not apply to any other generic monitoring task about job streams or workstations.

For more information on Customizing your tasks refer to: Creating a monitoring task query.