Configuring High Availability

How to configure, change, and share your settings repository.

Performance can be highly improved by migrating the Dynamic Workload Console to High Availability Configuration, so as to have multiple console instances working at the same time as one console.

If you use a Dynamic Workload Console in High Availability configuration, when you connect to a Dynamic Workload Console you are not actually connecting to a specific console but to a load balancer that dispatches and redirects the connections among the nodes in the configuration. Therefore, for example, if a node fails, new user sessions are directed to other active nodes in the configuration and this change is completely transparent to users.

To implement this kind of configuration, you must perform the following steps:
  1. Change your settings repository as described in Changing settings repository.

  2. Perform and verify the High Availability configuration for the Dynamic Workload Console as described in Administration guide > Configuring the Dynamic Workload Console > Configuring High Availability for Dynamic Workload Console
If you need to upgrade an existing high availability configuration refer to the high availability configuration topics in the HCL Workload Automation: Administration Guide.