Selecting the jobs to be measured by the advanced statistical tool

To select the jobs for which the estimated duration is to be forecasted by the SPSS_based tool, you can use either the composer command line or the Dynamic Workload Console. In either case you update the definition of the job within the job stream definition.

In composer:
  1. Open the job stream definition that includes the jobs that you want to flag.
  2. Flag the jobs by adding the statisticstype custom keyword in their definition.
In the Dynamic Workload Console:
  1. In Manage Workload Definitions, edit the job stream definition that includes the jobs that you want to flag.
  2. In the job stream definition, select every job you want to flag to open its definition.
  3. In the Properties panel of the job, select the Duration forecast tab.
  4. In Duration forecast, select the Use Advanced analytics checkbox.

You can change your selection anytime around your workload. The jobs that are not flagged for advanced statistics have their estimated duration calculated by logman (see User's Guide and Reference for details).

While you do not have to take additional steps to have estimated job durations calculated by logman, to have them calculated by the advanced statistical tool you must also create and customize the ELAB_JOB_STAT_JS job stream as described next.

The estimated durations of the flagged jobs are, however, calculated by the SPSS-based advanced statistical tool only when you run the ELAB_JOB_STAT_JS job stream after running the plan (JNextPlan).