Monitor tasks

Create and run monitor tasks to obtain a list of objects on which you can perform monitoring and control actions. Creating and running a monitor task means creating a filter and running a search on it. This search returns a list of objects whose attributes satisfy the criteria that are defined in the task. From this list, you can click an item to view its properties or to run actions against it. In this way you can easily change some settings and the processing of the plan.

You can use the Dynamic Workload Console to create a monitor task, setting your filter criteria by entering a query in a query line or by selecting the filtering options from the user interface.

If you have administrator's rights, you can configure a global setting so as to limit the number of results retrieved by monitor tasks. You can specify the maximum number of items that must be retrieved by the queries, and this configuration will apply to all monitor tasks run by current Dynamic Workload Console, except for Monitor Critical jobs. For more information, see Limit the number of objects retrieved by queries.