Creating a pool of agents

About this task

You can define and schedule dynamic jobs to perform application specific operations, such as database, file transfer, Java, and Web Services operations. You can customize the sample files provided with the product to match the requirements of your environment.

To run these job types, you can use dynamic agents, a workstation type that you create by running the related installation process. The dynamic agents are automatically created and registered at installation time. You can also organize the dynamic agents into groups, called pools or dynamic pools.

For more information about dynamic scheduling, see HCL Workload Automation Scheduling Workload Dynamically

To add this kind of workstation definition to the database and to assign it to a domain, perform the following steps.

Note: For all the details about options and fields displayed in the panels, see the online help by clicking the question mark located at the top-right corner of each panel.


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click Administration > Workload Environment Design > Create Workstations.
  2. Select an engine from the list and click Create Workstations.
  3. In the Workstations properties panel, specify the attributes for the pool of dynamic agents you are creating. In the Workstation Type menu, select Pool or Dynamic Pool, depending on the set of dynamic agents you are defining.
    • Select Pool to define a cluster of dynamic agents with similar hardware or software characteristics to submit jobs to. Then, in the Member table that displays the dynamic agents that belong to the Pool, click Add to add new dynamic agents and Remove to remove unwanted dynamic agents.

      You can also register an agent with a pool by directly editing the file located in <TWS_home>/ITA/cpa/config. See Automatically register agents to pools for more details. See the topic about automatically registering agents to a pool in the Planning and Installation Guide.

    • Select Dynamic Pool to define a set of dynamic agents that is dynamically defined based on the resource requirements you specify. Then click Edit Requirements to display a panel where you can specify the requirements necessary for running your jobs. All your selections produce an XML file, which is used to select a workstation with the characteristics you require, to run Workload Broker jobs. When you provide the requirements, you specify a list of workstation candidates to be included in the Dynamic Pool of dynamic agents and the preferred order in which they must be considered. You also specify the best criteria, which is used to change the workstation (workload balance, CPU utilization, or its use of logical resources).
  4. Optionally, you can associate the new pool to a variable table.
  5. Specify the Workload Broker hosting the workstation.