Creating a task to generate a Workstation Workload Runtimes report

About this task

To create a task to run a Workstation Workload Runtimes report, perform the following steps:


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click Reporting > Create Historical Reports, and click New.
  2. In the Create Task panel, select Report Definition, Workstation Workload Runtimes Report, and click Next.
  3. In the Enter Task Information panel, define the type of scheduler engine here you want to run the task. You can select an engine at a later time. Remember that the engine name must be specified before running the task. Depending on the engine type you choose, the filtering criteria and the results you can display are different. You can also specify whether to share the task with others, to allow them to see and run the task, but not to modify it. Task and engine sharing can be disabled by the TWSWEBUIAdministrator in the global settings customizable file.
  4. In the Report Header panel, choose the name and the format of the output of the report, and click Next to proceed, or click Finish to complete the task creation using all the default values. If you are editing an existing task properties, click Save to keep your changes and open the next panel, if needed.
  5. In the Filter Criteria panel, define a filter to select the jobs you want to include in the report. All the information about fields and options is available in the panel help. Click Next to proceed or click Finish to complete the task creation using all the default values.
  6. In the Report Output Content panel, select the layout of your report. You can view the information either as a chart or as a table. The chart view shows in a bar chart the number of jobs that are running on the workstations. Selecting the chart view, you can also specify how many jobs to display in each chart. You can specify the format of your report. If you select HTML format, you can also limit the size of the report. You can also select the information you want to include in the report and how you want it ordered. After you make your selection, click Next to proceed or Finish to complete the task creation using all the default values.
  7. In the Create New Task panel:
    • Select Run this Task Now and click Finish if you want to run the report task. If you have not yet specified an engine connection, you are prompted to do so now.
    • Click Cancel to exit without saving your changes.
    • Click Finish to save the task, without starting it immediately.


You have created your task that, when run, creates a report of jobs satisfying your filtering criteria and showing, for each job in the list, the information you selected to view.