Customizing the welcome page

How to customize the welcome page

About this task

In the Dashboard Application Services Hub, Administrators can set the console welcome page using the Console Properties page available in Console Settings in the navigation toolbar.

The content of the default Dynamic Workload Console welcome page is customized for the role of the logged in user. The quick start tasks available on the welcome page allow you to access a related how-to video and launch the related portlet. Only the tasks corresponding to the logged in user's role are displayed. To get oriented with the navigation bar, take the tour the visit the items available. The tour brings into focus each of the navigation bar categories and corresponding descriptive text is displayed. There are other helpful links on the page such as link to the embedded online help, the Workload Automation YouTube channel, and a QR code to scan with your mobile device to launch the mobile applications.

The administrator can modify the content of the welcome page through the Edit Page option when you click the Page Actions icon. You can modify the widgets, add new widgets and remove existing widgets. This page is an arrangement of widgets. Compose the welcome page with the widgets needed to complete tasks. Widgets are populated with data from datasets. The Dashboard Application Services Hub provides a set of widgets and the Dynamic Workload Console also provides datasets related to your workload.

To customize the welcome page, perform the following steps.


  1. From the default Dynamic Workload Console welcome page, click the Page Actions icon and then Edit Page . If you have startup tasks defined, close the tabs of the startup tasks to return to the welcome page.
  2. Add, remove, or modify the widgets on the page using a combination of the Dashboard Application Services Hub widgets and the Dynamic Workload Console widgets.
  3. Click Save and exit to save your changes.


The new welcome page is launched every time you log into the console.

For additional information about the Dashboard Application Services Hub, click ? at the top right hand corner of the console window and launch the Dashboard Application Services Hub information center.

For more information about customizing dashboards see Creating a dashboard for monitoring.