Customizing your portfolio

How to customize your portfolio.

About this task

Several products might be integrated in this portal and their related entries are listed together with the ones belonging to the Dynamic Workload Console in the navigation toolbar across the top.

You can create a list of your favorite pages, including only the tasks you use most often.

The Favorites icon , lets you access your daily tasks. Entries previously displayed in the My Tasks list have been automatically added to Favorites.

To add a task to Favorites, simply drag it to the Favorites icon. To remove an item from your list of favorites, click and drag the item that you want to remove away from the list.

Alternatively, to add new tasks or manage existing tasks contained in your Favorites list, perform the following procedure:


  1. From the welcome page, click User > Favorites.
  2. Select only the pages that you want to include among your favorites and click Apply.


Your customized list is displayed in the Favorites list.

You can also define which pages must be automatically launched when logging into the Dashboard Application Services Hub by adding them to your startup pages.

For additional information about the Dashboard Application Services Hub console customization, refer Dashboard Application Services Hub Help section Customizing the console.