Creating distributed workstations

About this task

You can create multiple workstation definitions.

For more information about the main workstation types and their attributes, see Workstation.

To add a workstation definition to the database and to assign it to a domain, perform the following procedure.
Note: For all the details about options and fields displayed in the panels, see the online help by clicking the question mark located at the top-right corner of each panel.


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click Administration > Workload Environment Design > Create Workstations.
  2. Select a distributed engine from the list and click Create Workstations.
  3. In the Workstations properties panel, specify the attributes for the workstation you are creating. Depending on the type of workstation you select, some attributes are mandatory.
  4. To assign the workstation to an existing domain or to create a new domain, click Assign to Domain.
  5. Click Save.


The workstation is now added to the database. Alternatively, click Administration > Workload Environment Design > List Workstations, select a distributed engine, and click Display. From the workstation table, click New.
Note: You can add workstation definitions to the database at any time, but you must run JnextPlan -for 0000 to add the workstation definition to the plan, so that you can run jobs on this-workstation. For dynamic agent workstation definitions, if you have the enAddWorkstation global option set to "yes", the workstation definitions are automatically added to the plan after they are defined in the database.