Creating z/OS workstations

About this task

To create a z/OS workstation definition in the database, perform the following steps.
Note: For all the details about options and fields displayed in the panels, see the online help by clicking the question mark located at the top-right corner of each panel.


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click Administration > Workload Environment Design > Create Workstations.
  2. Select a z/OS engine from the list and click Create Workstations.
  3. Specify the workstation attributes using the General, Resources, and Open Time Intervals tabs as appropriate. Depending on the type of workstation you select, some attributes are mandatory.
  4. Click Save.


The workstation is now added to the database. Alternatively, click Administration > Workload Environment Design > List Workstations select a z/OS engine, and click Display. From the workstation table, click New.