Event management configuration

You can use the event management feature both from the HCL Workload Automation command line interface and from the Dynamic Workload Console.

You need the following authorizations to perform event management operations from the Dynamic Workload Console:
On Dashboard Application Services Hub
The user ID you use to log in to Dynamic Workload Console must be defined as user on Dashboard Application Services Hub and must be defined within one of the following groups:
Table 1. Event Management Authorizations
Groups Event management operations you can perform
TWSWEBUIOperator List and manage Event Rule Instances, Log Messages, and Triggered Actions.
TWSWEBUIDeveloper Create, list, and manage Event Rules.
Note: Dynamic Workload Console users belonging to the TWSWEBUIAdministrator group can perform all operations available in the web-based user interface.
On HCL Workload Automation
The HCL Workload Automation user credentials defined in the engine connection must belong to a HCL Workload Automation user authorized to perform event management operations in the HCL Workload Automation security file.

You need the create permission set for the rule object. You also need the use permission on the objects (job, job stream, and so on) that you want to use as events.

For more information about how to define and manage user authorizations in the security file, see HCL Workload Automation Administration.