Accessing hidden portlets

How to access hidden portlets

About this task

When the Monitor Workload portlet was introduced, several of the monitoring portlets were hidden, not removed. If you prefer to work with one of these portlets, you can make them visible again in the navigation toolbar.

Define a task to monitor objects in the plan by specifying a query in a query line using the Monitor Workload portlet. The objects for which you can create a monitoring task query are: jobs, critical jobs, job streams, workstations, files, resources, domains, and prompts. In previous versions, there were multiple portlet entries in portfolio, one for each object to monitor. These entries have been condensed into a single entry, the Monitor Workload.


  1. From the Console Settings page, select Pages.
  2. Expand the System Status and Health search and click the portlet name you want to make visible. In General Properties, under the Navigation visibility option, select Visible.
  3. Expand the Roles link, click on the Add button and select the role for example TWSWEBUIOperator and Save.
  4. From the Console Settings page, click Widget. A new page is displayed showing all the widgets. Search for the widget name corresponding to the portlet that you previously modified. If the same name appears more than once, perform the following action for each entry. Click on the Widget name and a new panel is shown. Click Next and you will be directed to the security tab under the Edit section.
  5. From the Security tab select the roles you previously added in step 3 and click Finish. To see the changes, log out and log in.


For additional information on the Dashboard Application Services Hub console customization, refer to Dashboard Application Services Hub Help section Customizing the console.

Refer to for more information on editing dashboard content and how to make hide or make visible the navigation bar. To enable the former monitoring portlets such as the Monitoring Jobs portlet, see the Monitor Workload topic.