Managing user settings

How to export the user settings and import them into a new Dynamic Workload Console

Before you begin

To perform this task you need to have the TWSWEBUIAdministrator role.

About this task

User settings such as user preferences, saved tasks, and engine connections are stored in the settings repository, which by default is a local file. However, you can decide to have your settings repository on a database for all Dynamic Workload Console operations that involve user settings.

You can export the content of your settings repository as an XML file, optionally modify it, and then import it into the same or another instance of Dynamic Workload Console.

This is particularly useful for migration purposes or if you want to modify the same settings in multiple Dynamic Workload Console instances.

To export the settings and import them into a new Dynamic Workload Console, perform the following procedure.

Note: Import and export operations are performed from and to the currently-selected repository.


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click System Configuration > Manage Settings.
  2. In the Manage Settings panel, click Export Settings and save the XML file in a directory of your choice.
  3. Optionally, edit the file using an XML editor and save it.
  4. Log in to the Dynamic Workload Console where you want to import the settings and open the Manage Settings panel.
  5. Click Import Settings and browse to the XML file containing the settings you want to import. During the import operation, you choose to update or to overwrite the existing settings with the new settings.
  6. If you are using a local file as repository, restart the Dynamic Workload Console to make the change effective or click Undo before restarting it to restore previous settings. This is not required if you are using a database as your repository, but in this case you must ensure that during the import operation there are no other users connected to the Dynamic Workload Console while the repository content is being updated.