Setting user preferences

About this task

To set the preferences to use in the output of tasks and reports, perform the following steps.
Note: The preferences that you set in this panel are not used in the output of plan reports. Those reports follow the preferences set on the workstation where the query is run.


  1. From the navigation toolbar, click System Configuration > Set User Preferences. The Set User Preferences panel opens, containing the current settings.
  2. To modify the current settings click Edit. In this panel you can specify the:
    • Number of rows that are displayed in the table of results of all your tasks as the default setting
    • Options to display dates, times, and time zones
    • Layout and the refresh rate for the dashboard
  3. Click Save changes to save the changes you made or Discard changes to exit the page without saving.


In the Manage User Preferences panel, you can also enable again the news notification. For details, see Disabling news notification.