HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Setting up your environment for dynamic scheduling

This section describes the prerequisite tasks you perform before running the example dynamic scheduling scenarios in your HCL Workload Automation environment.
  • If you are installing HCL Workload Automation for the first time:
    1. Install a master domain manager using the procedures described in HCL Workload Automation: Planning and Installation. Tick the check box option to create the Dynamic Workload Broker CPU definition and activate the dynamic scheduling capability. After the installation completes, the broker application is started automatically.
    2. Install the HCL Workload Automation agents by selecting the Add Dynamic scheduling capabilities during the installation.
    3. Install the Dynamic Workload Console

For a step by step installation or upgrade procedure, see HCL Workload Automation: Planning and Installation

For further details about configuring your environment for dynamic scheduling, see HCL Workload Automation: Administration Guide.