HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Step 5. Starting and stopping the job throttling feature

About this task

To start job throttling, run the jobthrottling executable file related to the operating system you are using. Optionally, you can create an HCL Workload Automation job that starts the job throttler.
Note: On Windows systems using a single-byte character language, to start job throttling from a command prompt ensure that the DOS shell font is not Lucida Console. Ensure also that you set the HCL Workload Automation environment by entering the following command:
From a command prompt, enter:
UNIX operating systems
TWS_home/methods/jobthrottling.sh {XAname|base_options_filename} [-scratch]
Windows operating systems
TWS_home\methods\jobthrottling.bat {XAname|base_options_filename} [-scratch]
The name of the extended agent you are using.
For dynamic and z-centric agents, the file name of the options file without the extension, defined on the engine workstation hosting the workstation with the r3batch access method.
If you enabled the job throttler to send data to CCMS (for details, see Sending data from job throttling to the CCMS Monitoring Architecture), the job throttler starts and resets the attribute MTE named JT total released jobs to 0. If you do not specify -scratch, the job throttler starts and increments the JT total released jobs.

This parameter is optional, and has effect only if the job throttler sent its data to CCMS at least once before.

To know the syntax for the jobthrottling command, run the command as follows:
Read syntax diagramSkip visual syntax diagram
>>-jobthrottling-- -u------------------------------------------><

To stop the job throttler, enter the following command (optionally, you can create an HCL Workload Automation job that stops the job throttler):
UNIX operating systems
TWS_home/methods/stop-jobthrottling.sh {XAname|base_options_filename}
Windows operating systems
TWS_home\methods\stop-jobthrottling.bat {XAname|base_options_filename}
Alternatively, you can enter the following command (you must be connected as TWSUser and have read and write permissions on the txt file):
echo shutdown > TWS_home/methods/{XAname|base_options_filename}_jobthrottling_cmd.txt
The job throttler stops:
  • When the timestamp of {XAname|base_options_filename}_jobthrottling_cmd.txt is later than the time when the job throttler started.
  • Within the time interval you specified in the throttling_interval option.