HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Sending data from job throttling to the CCMS Monitoring Architecture

About this task

You can configure the job throttler to send data related to its activity to the SAP Computing Center Monitoring System (CCMS) for monitoring purposes. Sending data from the job throttler to CCMS is supported if you have at least the SAP Web Application Server 6.20, Support Package 12 installed.

In the options file, set the following options (for details, see Table 1):
In this way, at job throttler startup the following monitoring tree elements (MTE) are created:
  • A context MTE named ITWS for Apps.
  • An object MTE with the same name as the HCL Workload Automation extended agent where the job throttler is running. This object MTE belongs to the context MTE ITWS for Apps.
  • The following attribute MTEs:
    JT total released jobs
    The total number of jobs that the job throttler has released since startup. This value depends on the -scratch option you set at job throttler startup; for details, see Step 5. Starting and stopping the job throttling feature.
    JT queue
    The number of enqueued intercepted jobs to be released.
    JT released jobs per cycle
    The number of released jobs in the latest run. This value depends on the throttling_send_ccms_rate setting; for details, see Table 1.
Note: By default throttling_release_all_on_exit is set to ON, meaning that when you stop the job throttler, all the intercepted jobs are released. However, these jobs are not considered when updating the JT total released jobs, JT queue, and JT released jobs per cycle MTEs.

To begin monitoring, include the MTEs in the monitoring set you want, and set the thresholds to generate an alert.

You can define an HCL Workload Automation event rule based on the CCMS alerts; for detailed information, refer to Defining event rules based on CCMS Monitoring Architecture alerts.

For example, to define an event that monitors the attribute MTE JT total released jobs, on the extended agent workstation named SAP_XA, connected to the SAP system ID T01, specify the following information:
XA Workstation
MTE Monitoring Context Name
ITWS for Apps
MTE Monitoring Object Name
MTE Monitoring Attribute Name:
JT total released jobs