HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Old copy and new copy of a rerunning job

When the access method for SAP launches a job, it makes a copy of a template job and runs it.

The new copy feature is available for SAP versions 3.1i, and later. It copies an entire job, preserving steps, job class, and all print and archive parameters. It is performed by using a new SAP function module that is part of the SAP Support Package as stated in the SAP Notes 399449 and 430087.

The old copy feature, instead, is based on standard SAP function modules, and creates a new SAP job and adds the steps with a loop that starts from the step name or number you specified. Be aware that, unless you have XBP 2.0 or later:
  • The old copy does not preserve all the print and archive parameters.
  • The job class of the copy is always set to class C.
Refer to Print parameter and job class issues to learn how to resolve the problem of lost job class and print and archive parameters.

SAP Note 758829 is required to ensure correct operation of the new copy and old copy features. See also Table 1.