HCL Workload Automation, Version 9.4

Creating a return code mapping file

You can create a return code mapping file to customize your own return codes with respect to certain conditions that might affect a job when it runs. Use this file to set the success condition of the job, which HCL Workload Automation uses to assess if the job completes successfully or in error. The return code is sent to HCL Workload Automation in the form of a %RC nnnn message. If this message is received, the job state is updated accordingly.

Each method has its own set of files to map the messages into return code values. The mapping files can be either global or local for a workstation.

Return code mapping files that are specific to a workstation are named according to the following scheme:
Global mapping files have a file name according to the following scheme:

For the PeopleSoft access method, type is always equal to rcmap. For the SAP R/3 access method, type is as described in Return code mapping file names for r3batch.